Luton from the bridge

luton station panorama.jpgLuton is in a valley.. looking west you can see almost the whole way to Dunstable..



Donkey Hall

We had a lot of fun playing Donkey Hall.. maybe the best bit was the arm wrestling championships with the Victorian fairground compere!



On Friday we had our first gig at the Allstars event in Harveys, Park Street, Luton.

All the other bands formed through the Allstars were there. We had an awesome time.

Here are some photos – taken by the amazing Paul Curry from Luton Lives. (Paul has been running events in Luton with Dave Cowler and others, providing the PA and sound engineering, and helping to promote new bands for well over a decade and we love him to bits. If you have a music project locally you should definitely contact him.)

Massive thanks also to Paul Mercer (who runs metal gigs at the Castle) and Nik Scott (of Dead Next Week) for putting us all in touch in the first place..

And the other Allstars rocked our socks off – we’ll put up a bit more information about them when we get it 🙂