Dawn recently wrote our Bio for the Houghton Rocks festival –

Band Members:

Dawn Naptali-Asher – Lead Singer/Keyboardist (A.K.A Mello Deez)

Bekki May – Bassist (Former Lead Singer of Noughties Punk band The Adenoids)

Robert Thomas – Guitarist (Formerly Electronica band S.W.A.N.K.)

James Mitchell – Drummer (Formerly Pocket Gods and The Adenoids)

Ribeye is an Indie band, formed through an Allstars Project, organised by Paul Mercer in Luton Lives‘ Music Events in October 2015. Musicians were encouraged to create new and different styles of music with others from various backgrounds. At the start of the project, 4 groups were formed – 2 bands in each group, which in the end resulted with only 3 bands making it through the whole process. Originally Dawn, Bekki and Robert were in the same group, but were put into seperate bands. Not long after the groups were formed, Dawn’s band in the group split due to unforeseen circumstances, and Bekki and Rob were left as duo after their other band member left. In early November Dawn was asked to join their band, which she happily accepted. The fourth member James joined through Bekki in the early part of January (as he was the second drummer of The Adenoids formerly).

The four piece came up with the name Ribeye after many suggestions. The sound that they have created is an original style of Indie, Grunge, Alternative Rock and Reggae with different influences and styles from each band member – Dawn Naptali has a Reggae/Soul background and Indie, Punk, Rock, Pop (80s and synth/Electro Pop), R&B and Hip hop influences (or pretty much every genre out there). Bekki on the other hand was in a Punk band and her influences reflected Punk Ska, Folk, Rock, Blues, Goth Metal and Grunge. Robert had a Rock, Indie, Grunge, 80’s Synth, Electronica and Blues influence which played a part in his former band S.W.A.N.K. James’ influence is Indie, Dub, and Alternative – underground. Overall the band share a common love for Alternative, non-commercial music.

Their debut gig was at The Harveys, to mark the Luton Allstars Event on Friday 29th April which was a great success much to the surprise of the organisers. Previously Ribeye had recorded 3 songs at Latent Lemon Studios, “Left Hand”, “Black Friday” and “Be Free” – and they received a great response, also they performed the notorious Talking Heads classic hit in 77’ although originally recorded in 1974 “Psycho Killer”. In fact, the review was that the audience have never heard Psycho Killer performed or covered in a unique style.

Donkey Hall Event in Luton on Friday May 6th saw Ribeye performing their second gig at a charitable event organised by Bekki and Kelly Abigail, with the help of Bekki’s daughter Lillith May. It was a successful night with local Indie Punk band ‘The Dinges’ and ‘Jimmy Pike and The Redstars’ (Reggae band) and Soloist David O’Brien did a unique performance involving 3 instuments and vocals, and Lee Nelson performed spoken word poetry which was very moving. Overall the night was a fun event which also involved traditional English games and the popular one of the night was the Arm Wrestling competition.

Unexpectedly Ribeye was asked to support Dutch Industrial Indie band ‘Trip to Dover’ and Psychedelic Rock Band ‘Them R Us’ at The Castle, Saturday 25th June which was a pleasure for the band as this was a last minute request and again Ribeye was warmly received by the audience.

Recently Ribeye performed an acoustic gig supporting Kamikaze Avon Ladies and Cerberus at the George II, Saturday 6th August and the response was of sheer amazement as the audience did not expect an acoustic set to go well, but it was such a great relief for the band as the drummer James could not make the event unfortunately.

Upcoming gigs are on the horizon for Ribeye as they will be playing at Houghton Rocks first ever live festival taking place in Houghton Regis, Parkside Drive, 10th September 2016 alongside other emerging acts in the local music scene.

Wilkestock Festival based in the Herfordshire area is also another big gig for the Ribeye Band supporting other known acts, including The Dub Pistols, Australian rock band ‘Mystery Jets’, DJ Luck and MC Neat. Also The Dinges will be there (they are before us on the line up, so this a very big deal for the band and it is a great opportunity for the band to make their mark in the more established festivals. Details of this event can be found on

The Luton Celtic Club is holding a ‘We Shall Overcome’ Event Austerity cause taking place on Saturday 8th October in Cobham Street, Luton and Ribeye is amongst those on the line up.

In the meantime, Ribeye have continuously been creating new music, writing new songs and preparing for what the future holds, which is very exciting, as they are uniquely different in their style of Indie Rock and are not afraid to break the mould.


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