About us

Ribeye - formed in 2015 as part of a secret experiment concocted by the disturbed 
brains of Luton Live(s). Take one ancient and  undomesticated punk, one unrepentant
 electroclash cowboy, one recalcitrant indie soul searcher, and mix with a
 pop/reggae supersonic lovechild and an accoustic rock chick. 

Shake over local gigs and festivals for an inde-pocalypse..


ribeye logo tracedWe are:

  • Dawn Naptali-Asher Gayle: Vox and Keys -Known for her infectious electro soul/funk melodic track, Live & Learn, and has supported UK Reggae band Wayne McArthur and the Universal players. Also she has reggae, post-punk and R&B influences.
  • Robert Thomas: Guitar – Best known for his work in angry absurdist electronica ensemble S.W.A.N.K.
  • Bekki May: Bass – Previously shouted and hit guitars in Luton punk band The Adenoids   and has a solitary ranting project Ludoviko Tekniko
  • James Mitchell: Drums – Formerly of the Pocket Gods and the Adenoids




You can contact us at ribeyeband@gmail.com


Our Youtube channel is here, and our recordings are here:


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